What to Expect in a Reading by Ellie Drew

This article will evolve over time but I wanted to give you some idea about what to expect when you get a reading. In order to do that you need to know what it’s like when I do a reading.

I begin a process of centering and prayers before the reading, letting go of any expectation to receive any information at all. The more I let go the easier the information flows to me. During this time I get a general “feel” for the person who will be calling me. There is really no way to predict what information will present itself during a reading, but I can tell you this. The less in expectations you and I have coming into it, the easier it is for me to pick up “information.” When someone comes in with a a lot of expectations there seems to be a “wall” built around the information they are seeking and it makes it more difficult for me. The paradox here is that the more relaxed and open we both are to anything happening, usually the more information we get.

I do readings with my eyes closed, and center into a place deep within. When I come out of a reading it is rare that I remember any of it. It’s like having a dream but when I try to remember, it’s quickly faded. So if you ask me later about something that happened during a reading I won’t know what you’re talking about. All your personal information is safely with you, not me.

It’s important to know that intuitives don’t know everything. We don’t have all the answers. Research has shown that even the best psychics are, at best, 80% accurate. If something doesn’t sound right to you, say so, or ignore it and use the information that is useful to you. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just because all the information may not feel accurate. More often than not I have found that people will leave not understanding something, or thinking something was absolutely incorrect, only to have a memory pop up that explains what was presented in a reading. Just stay open, stay neutral, and use what was useful to you.

Know that psychics/mediums can’t access all information, nor access it all correctly. Or information is accessed but not interpreted correctly. I try not to interpret it at all, but I will receive words, phrases, images, feelings, memories, etc. I may ask you if it means anything to you. It may not at the time, but it could later, so file it away. Sometimes spirit guides or loved ones come in to give information, or give me a “feeling” that you are going in the right or wrong direction. Sometimes I get “feelings” about different directions for career, or relationships. You are responsible for the decisions you make, but I can help give you the energy around a situation. Sometimes it isn’t the energy around a situation but your feelings about it that you haven’t been able to discuss or consciously acknowledge.

Often times people want to know their “life purpose.” The spirits consistently have the same thing to say about this-that they are not here to live your life for you or make your choices. They say that you are a perfect expression the the Divine life-force and have it within you to choose anything to do you wish to do. You are here to experience. That’s it. To experience. It is that simple. The spirits encourage you to follow your joy. Learn what you are good at and do it. If you don’t have clarity about what to do the Conscious Manifesting DVD has been extremely helpful for people. Use the process with phrasing something like, “I want to have clarity about what to do with my life right now!” Remember not to give your power of choice away to anyone! It’s your life, live it how you want to!

Each person has a different purpose depending on the time of life one is in. What your purpose is when you are two is very different than your purpose when you are twenty-two or sixty-two. Your life-purpose is an outgrowth of what you experience in life and all the choices you have made up to that point, the good and the bad. Your spirit guides are there to help you accomplish what YOU choose to do.

If you come to a reading with three or four career options for THIS time in your life (now is the only thing that exists!), I can give you the information around each of those choices. For example a medical doctor called for a reading and had about ten projects she was working on, but she didn’t have time to commit to each of the projects. Each project had an energy about it. I got a vision of a rugged and steep mountain with a road along the bottom of the mountain in front of her. As she named each project I saw the energy required to do each one presented as a fan of roads spread out from her going from the easy and smooth road in front of her to those roads going straight up the mountain. It turns out that I had “read” each project correctly and the reading was simply a verification about what she somehow already known on an unconscious level. But, was I reading her or was I reading the project? I don’t know. I do know that we make our choices according to our perception of reality. It is the only thing that counts, because it is the reality we energize with our thoughts and actions.

While I can say that I don’t have all the answers, I can also say that I’ve give enough readings to know that often times I do get answers that are helpful. Come with questions that are close to your heart, and I will give you what I get. It is rare that spirits just show up ready and waiting to talk to you and spew out all this wisdom that will make life easy and you don’t have to do anything. Life is about making choices. YOUR choices. Life is for YOU to experience. Sure we all make mistakes, we all do stupid things, but it’s life! It’s all part of the ingredients to make life rich or bland.

A wise man said something to me I’ve never forgotten. It was when I was mumbling to myself through the pain of getting a tattoo for my 45th birthday, “And why am I doing this again?” He said, “Because you’d rather regret doing something you wanted to do, than regret all the things you wanted to do and never did.” I never regretted doing anything again! I may have not made the best choices, but I’m living my life fully, experiencing it all. I encourage you to do the same.