Favorite Resources & Referrals

StemEnhance – Helping the body heal itself.

It would feel totally immoral not to share with you a new plant based product, newly released to the public, that stimulates the body to release adult stem cells into the bloodstream so that the body heals itself. The company (StemTech Health Sciences) can’t make health claims – but I personally know of 4 people who had cancer complete turn around, in addition to many other healthy “side effects” of taking this, including Marcey Hamm. It has 5 years of research behind it and all the research is tight. It is a multi-level-marketing company (grrr) so that’s the only way to get it – But I felt it important enough to sign up the ICC non-profit – I don’t personally make anything from sharing this. If you want information I’ve added it to the products page, or you can call the office at 520-822-4755. Oh, one other thing – If you go to the Web site link (you’ll see my picture on it) – on the bottom right is a FAQ area that answers a LOT of questions you might have.

Stem Tech Distributor Information This information is online in a PDF format so it is easy to print. If I receive additional information this PDF file will be updated. You can share this link with your downline.

“Sacred Forgiveness Ceremony” Music!

The music I use for the Sacred Forgiveness Ceremony is by Dutch artist Hein Braat. The CD is called the Gayatri Mantra which includes two 30 minute mantras. It is the second mantra on the CD I use. This CD is available from only one US source, and they only carry one of his five CD’s. I include three links here – the first is the link to purchase, the second has Braat’s picture with some information about him. He is well known in international yoga circles for his beautiful Hindu chanting. The third link shows all five of his CD’s including translations of the music and audio clips you can listen to. Enjoy!

•To PURCHASE “Gayatri Mantra” by HEIN BRAAT form US Source:

• Picture of Hein Braat with information. and all his other CDs from European source, translations and small audio files:

Music by Marcey (Marcey Hamm)

When Ellie was contacted by Homer from the other side, she heard music that lifted her up into an ecstatic, altered state. The music sounded familiar but she couldn’t place it, so Homer plucked out of her mind the artist’s name from music Ellie had heard ten years earlier. He talked about the healing benefits of listening to this kind of music. It was Inward Harmony produced by “Music by Marcey.” Marcey Hamm, who had three near-death experiences, came back from these traumatic experiences to create sacred music in an altered state, bringing back the sound currents from the other side. This music has produced healings and many other extraordinary experiences in people. We carry the Inner Harmony CD in our Web Store because so many people ask for it after they’ve read the Homer’s Journey book. You can also go directly to Marcey’s Web page to order her whole set.

National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association

The NQA is a democratic, grass roots, nonprofit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization as well as a community of Qigong enthusiasts that work together to promote Qigong in America. We embrace and support equally: schools, traditions, teaching styles, and philosophies of Qigong. We hold traditional systems in the highest respect while fostering and encouraging modern styles and innovations. We also support those in the scientific community who are researching the benefits of Qigong.

We are unique individuals from all backgrounds, lifestyles and levels of experience. The NQA includes everyone from professional instructors and healers to those who have only recently shown an interest in Qigong. The NQA continually works toward providing the widest possible Qigong experience for all our members.

Seeds of Peace – Empowering Leaders of the next Generation

Founded in 1993, Seeds of Peace is dedicated to empowering young leaders from regions of conflict with the leadership skills required to advance reconciliation and coexistence. eeds of Peace has focused primarily on bringing Arab and Israeli teenagers together before fear, mistrust and prejudice blind them from seeing the human face of their enemy. Seeds of Peace goes beyond international agreements and treaties. It reverses the legacy of hatred by nurturing lasting friendships that become the basis for mutual understanding and respect. By training these young leaders in conflict resolution skills, Seeds of Peace helps them become the seeds from which an enduring peace will grow.

Each year more than 300 outstanding Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian, and other Middle Eastern teenagers are chosen from more than 2,000 applicants to participate in the program. Selected by their respective governments without regard to economic or social background, and based solely on academic performance and leadership ability, these young people are destined to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Heifer International – Ending Hunger; Caring for the Earth

Giving a gift? Heifer International has been giving animal gifts to help developing world families since 1944 with the philosophy of “Teach a man to fish . . . ” This is such a wonderful program I wanted you to know about it. Their site says, “Choose a meaningful gift to give a loved one and help children and families around the world receive training and animal gifts that help them become self-reliant.” There is a wide variety of animals and prices so everyone can get involved – A Heifer is $500 or a Llama for $150, all the way to little chicks for $20. OR you can share buying any of the animals! Make sure to check out this site and it will motivate you to do good things in the world!

Special Links : Awesome People & Opportunities

Meet Jean Slatter: Author of “Hiring the Heavens”

Going to Toronto, Canada? Check out the Toronto Dowsers and the great meetings they put on!

Nine Gates Mystery School

The Nine Gates Mystery School is an intense, highly experiential workshop and spiritual training for those seeking greater clarity and personal awareness. Ancient world leaders were trained in schools like Nine Gates, where teachings weren’t merely handed down by the masters, but rather students accessed their own inner knowledge through the use of rituals, practices, exercises, and initiations. . .

Adhi Two-Owls: Shaman, Artist, Educator – The New Global Shaman

Adhi is a traditionally trained Shaman and healer. She develops products to help people navigate the energy patterns in their lives, and offers private sessions in person as well as remotely, and teaches all over the world. Very cool person to know.

Puppenstube – Special Healing Dolls Handmade by Christine Schreier

I personally know Christine and she makes the most wonderful healing dolls, and the good news is she FINALLY has a website up so I can tell you about her. I’m so happy to share this rare gift with you when you are looking for that special gift for yourself or a loved one.

Illumination Gear & Outdoor Products – We’ll light up your life!

I personally know the man who owns this company. Tod is a tech guru and finds the best. If you need lights go to this site.

Astrology Referral – Ursula Fugger in Toronto, Canada

Ellie Drew says, “I was guided to get a reading while in Toronto with Ursula and she blew me away she was so spot on. I highly recommend Ursula since she is very generous with her time and information, and the cost is reasonable for all you get.” Call 705-696-3902 or

Kathryn Harwig

Internationally-acclaimed author, speaker, trainer & attorney, Kathryn Harwig has been an intuitive since birth and an attorney since 1982.

Jeff & Cindy Linzer: Astrologer & Intuitive

Jeff is an excellent and experienced astrologer with over 25 years of experience, (and if you say you got his name from Ellie Drew he’ll discount the reading to $150 instead of his normal $200-250 for 1.5 hours!) To set up phone consultation: E-mail is or call 612-849-0934. His wife Cindy is an experienced and gifted intuitive: 952-830-1296.

Intuitive/Oracle Card Readings for only $25! Leah Carey

Contact Leah for insight on any question. She will support you in clarifying your question so that you receive the information that will best support you in moving forward. Leah’s readings are conversations in which she tells you what she sees, as well as asking questions that will help you get to the heart of the issue. Rather than trying to determine the future, Leah reads the energies surrounding the present. Readings are $25 and are done over the phone. Please email Leah at Visit her at

Barbara Ragalyi Hirt  An awesome artist I found at a conference:

I heard music when I read Barbara’s energy field. And I hear music when I see her paintings. “. . . my art “touches on the powerful, universal energy that connects man to spirit.” My work is spiritual and centering, told with simplicity, expressing in color and composition what cannot be spoken with words. It embodies the music, harmony, and mystery of the Universe, the underlying energy of our world, the music of being within all things, creating a peaceful, harmonious space wherein one can experience silence, still-point, and the oneness with all. It continues to engage, excite, and nurture however often you view it.”

Fluting from the Heart

If you want and easy to play, great sounding Native American flute Rick Gnerich from Tucson, AZ is the man to talk to: 520-577-2478 or e-mail