The Emotional Unhooking Process and the Forgiveness & Releasing of Vows & Promises are the two most downloaded pages on the ICC website. They are powerful tools for personal transformation and freedom. Please copy them and share them with your friends for FREE!
Emotional Unhooking Process.pdf
Forgiveness & Release Vows.pdf

The two poems below insisted on coming through, and would NOT leave me alone until I wrote them. I believe they will bring a healing perspective about life and death. The FULL NAME of the poem about death is: “TALKING TO THE SPIRITS ON THE SUBJECT OF LIFE & DEATH & LIFE. The FULL NAME of the Once Source poems is ONE SOURCE FOR LIFE, LOVE, HEALTH, PROSPERITY. Enjoy – and PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COPY THEM AND PASS THEM ON! They are meant to be shared with others.


The Inner Journey Prayer and Surrender Prayer is used in Ellie’s teachings in the Sacred Forgiveness Ceremony and Blue Light Tunnel Meditations. Also included is a printable 2-per-page copy is available for yourself or to share with your groups

Inner Journey Prayer.pdf
Inner Journey Prayer 2.pdf